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What is the most popular language spoke in Africa?

May 27, 2017




Here's a list. Arabic is on top with 150 million speakers in Africa.


As a group, yes, but some varieties of African Arabic are completely unintelligible with the others. 'Arabic' as we refer to it is more of a group of languages (sometimes with very little mutual intelligibility) than a single entity.


Agreed. "Arabic" often shows up in lists of languages w/ a top-10-in-the-world number of speakers. This seems like a fraud, or at least a fiction. Definitely not a fact.


thanks but do you know of the most popular of the ones duolingo has because they don't have Arabic.


I believe that Swahili is the only African language that Duolingo has.


But French and English is quite widely spoken in former colonies along with German and Portuguese


I know about French, English, Portuguese, and Spanish (in Equatorial Guinea) but where in Africa is German widely spoken?


Germany lost its African colonies in World War I. I think the only one where German has still a significant number of speakers is Namibia, but even there, I think English and Afrikaans are more widely spoken.


yeah but I know English and German so I want to learn some African languages


Fun fact: the last university outside of Italy to offer four year degrees that could be done completely in Italian was (or is? I'm not sure) the University of Mogadishu.


Is it not possible to do a four-year degree entirely in Italian at the University of Lugano, in Switzerland?


(Or perhaps your fun fact was limited to Africa)


It wasn't limited to Africa... But it seems you're right! I had read that fact in a foreward of a book by Nurrudin Farah. Either he was wrong (I doubt it) or that was written before 1995 when USI was founded (very possible). If that's the case, then the University of Mogadishu was the last university to do so but no longer is.

I'm not writing this as a reply to you because that's not an option. I don't know why.


Swahili if only L1 counts, French or English if L2 counts as well.


Swahili is the only indigenous African language on Duolingo. French, English, and Portuguese are L1s for many Africans though. And Spanish for a very small few.

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