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Any recommendations for what has worked to convert DuoLingo student work into report card grades?

Any suggestions for how you turn the number of completed assignments into the four strands report card grades? (other than stats for completed vs. not completed)

The four grades on a French report card in Ontario: reading comprehension, writing, verbal, and listening.

A student's ability to do something correctly the first time, or to show how many tries it took to get it right, could be used to create a statistic for each of these four strands.

DuoLingo already has these types of questions in their database and a student's progress could be compiled into the four groupings of statistics used on a report card (with some overlap where one type of question could be used for multiple strands).

It is good to know that if a student completes a DuoLingo assignment, they have had to have enough proficiency to submit the correct answers. DuoLingo can be a good support tool to ensure the students have a good place to practice missing skills all the way from the basics.

May 27, 2017


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