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Microphone not working - OS X laptop / Safari

I mostly use Duolingo via the iPhone app. A few weeks ago I discovered the website on my laptop, and the first time I tried a lesson, I was pleased to discover that Duolingo also had speaking exercises.

A day or two later, I was using the website but had to be quiet, so I turned the microphone off.

Since then I haven't been able to get the speaking exercises back. I have checked that the microphone is turned on in my settings, as well as trying toggling it off and back on again. My microphone is definitely working.

I was just wondering if the speaking exercises had been turned off during the last website "upgrade" (when they removed the dictionary), or if anyone has any idea what the problem might be. As mentioned in the subject line, I'm on an OS X laptop using Safari 7.0.2. Thanks!

March 20, 2014



Hi - I'd like to further troubleshoot this. Can you please let me know what version of OS X you are using?


Well I guess it was worth a shot.

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