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Record button not working

Quite often the Record button does not work which is really annoying. The only way I can advance is to click "I do not know this answer" I am using Chrome. Is there a way to fix this_

June 24, 2012



If the "Record" button doesn't work during an exercise for whatever reason, instead of selecting "Don't know the answer? - skip ->" and being marked wrong, you can select "Click here if you don't want to use a microphone". You will then see a message displayes stating: "Microphone is off You can always turn it back on in the settings page." and then you may click the "Continue" button without skipping and being marked wrong. BTW, I am also using Chrome but I don't think this is only a Chrome issue from what I have heard from others. And thanks for asking because I had forgotten to turn my microphone back on! :-)


Where is that "Click here if you don't want to use a microphone"? I can't find it :(


I have the same problem with Firefox on my Mac. It stops some time and then I have to remember to turn the microphone back on. I would much prefer if it was possible to refresh the page and just continue the exercise instead.


Thank you for the info. I never thought to try that. It does though also happen in IE by the way.


First,make sure that your microphone is plugged in properly second,if that's not worked try refreshing the page Third,if it's STILL not working contact duolingo with facebook or twitter


Has anyone found a solution in the intervening 10 months


Only worked for me the first time; next mic exercise the record button is grey and doesn't respond. Sound broke as well :(

I dare not refresh the page cuz it will probably start the lesson all over.

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