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Tips for keeping moving and motivated?

I've noticed I've been kinda slacking lately, and I know that part of it is due from stress and part of it is due to lack of structure. So, as far at the structure thing goes, what are your tips? How many lessons do you do a day? Do you try to force yourself to get through all of the lessons in one category in a day, or do you space it out? Before somebody says "there is no set rule, and it's whatever works for you" I KNOW THIS, I just want ideas. Just tell me what you do to get me thinking :) Also, if you've ever tried juggling learning a language while also dealing with personal problems, what are your tips for keeping motivated and not quitting due to too many emotions?

May 28, 2017



If I don't feel motivated, I don't study that day. There's not point in me taking the joy out of language learning. I've gone weeks before without studying. Then, when I feel like it, I do study. For instance, today I did close to 1,000 or 2,000 XP points because I felt incredibly motivated to finish my Portuguese tree. I just do whatever feels right to me.


I do about the same. I don't recall getting 1,000xp in a day though lol


I have a To Do List app on my phone which is super helpful to keep my mind free from worrying about deadlines, so I have more time to use Duolingo. Also, then you can schedule language time in and be reminded of it. Usually I do the general workout first then notice what I'm lacking in and concentrate there a little bit. I don't do new stuff unless I know I have a block of time to dedicate to it. If I'm feeling more ambitious, I go on the computer version (which is slightly harder) and if I'm feeling more casual I use the phone version. If necessary, lower the daily goal so you're not driving yourself nuts to keep up.

Good luck!


Well, as somebody who tries too keep 3 different trees completely golden, which takes a good bit of time, I think I might be able to give a little insight into this.

First things first, I your going through the tree lesson by lesson. Really, I recommend reading up a little bit on whatever the rules are of what your doing, and use the "test out" button. If you don't recognise some words, just translate them by google. Memorising words is done over time through practice, not in one moment. By doing the "test out" method instead, you save and incredible amount of time and energy.

Second, try and challenge yourself. While this may seem counter intuitive, doing it right can help. I bought the timed challenge (which by the way, is a faster way of keeping your tree golden), and make it a challenge to finish as fast as possible. for you, just experiment a bit and see whats enjoyable.

Last and not least, listen to some music, preferably energetic. Try and do it relatively soft, so that you can still hear the audio clips. This will actually improve your listening a good bit as well.


Never miss a day to study at least one or two lessons from each language you are studying.


I find setting a small minimum is helpful. I end up doing that small amount which is easy, and then may feel like doing a little more.

But be consistent with that small amount.

For me, that's strengthening any weak skills and then doing just 1 lesson of a new skill. Then if I feel motivated, I do more.


I have a language partner who is studying English at a University. I've learned a lot from the time and dedication that my language partner puts into studying. This has really motivated me. We alternate days speaking in English and Spanish via WhatsApp, which is really cool. Sometimes, I don't want to communicate in Spanish, but my language partner is an encouragement to me.

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