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Option to disable drag-and-drop on App

I don't know about anyone else, but I for one notice I learn much faster and more concretely when I have to type a sentence in English or in the language I am learning, as opposed to the drag-and-drop questions on the app (where you drag words from a word bank at the bottom). I am often able to correctly guess the sentences this way without fully understanding what the sentence says, and I think that's a problem.

I understand that these are user friendly and help beginners and those who want a less-intense workout than I do, so I'm not saying they should go away. I noticed that the web version doesn't have these drag-and-drop questions and frankly I like it that way. I'm able to learn things more long term without them.

So, I propose having some sort of option in the app settings alongside "listening" and "speaking" for "drag-and-drop"; disabling these questions would make it harder (and there could be a disclaimer for that), but I and many others would probably prefer it that way, as it is more challenging for your brain to remember a word from thin air than pick between a couple of options.

May 28, 2017



Why not just use the website version. AFAIK you can still use that on the mobile devices.


But thats not possible on some of the languages in the incubator, such as japanese. You have to use iOS for that atm so you would have to wait


I checked out the web site on the phone and to my surprise, they have everything formatted and well laid-out, almost just like the app. Thank you for the suggestion, I may just go with that. The only catch is my internet browser apps (I use firefox) are incredibly slow compared to apps built specifically for a function on the phone (ex. soundcloud, google docs, email, facebook, etc.) I'm not sure if this is something specific to my phone or not, but using a browser is still a lot slower than an app for me. Thanks for the idea, I never thought of that


100% agreed. Your suggestion would really improve the versatility--and for at least some the value--of Duo on a handheld device. But my guess is that Duo won't implement your change anytime soon, judging by all the other good suggestions that have already not been taken up.

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