"To want a cake"

Translation:A dori un tort

May 28, 2017

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    " a dori= to wish", " a vrea= to want"...but... when you go to a store for ex, people might address you in a polite way asking what do you want to buy in a form that sounds like " what would you wish to buy?= ce a-ți dori să cumpărați?). If they ask " what do you want to buy?= ce vreți să cumpărați?" Even if it's the polite form from" ce vrei să cumperi?" it's still a bit rude...unwelcoming.


    A dori means "to wish" while a vrea means "to want". In use, they seem to both be used for "to want".


    Can't you also say: "A dori o tort"?


    No. Tort is neuter gender so the singular uses the masculine (un tort) and the plural uses the feminine (două torturi).


    So what's the semantic difference between "dori" and "vrea"?


    A dori means to wish instead of to want??

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