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Finally I'm finished my SPANISH Tree!!

Finally my turn finished the SPANISH Tree!! It took me few years to finished because of my weird habit must at least once finished each lesson with all corrected answer only proceed further lessons, if not I guess I will finished it more earlier!!

I can't really said I had conquer the language, I will further practice the grammar & more vocabs to get use on it!! xD


May 28, 2017



What was your journey like? Were there any outside resources or study habits (aside from the one you already mentioned) that you found especially helpful? Also, do you plan to do the reverse tree (English from Spanish) now, or ladder to an additional language from Spanish?



Yeah, I got download FUN EASY LEARN for extra Vocabs, I'm not sure will go for the reverse tree a not but will consider, I not dare to said I have conquer the Spanish tree because the latest part of those trees grammar lesson I still need to practice on, like Imperative, Subjunctive etc, I'm still not good on those, still need time to get familiar with it. xD


Subjunctive and modal are my worst nightmares.


Some grammar is still easy to pass if able to memorize it, but this is not the good way to pass, that's why I not dare to said I have really conquer the Spanish tree, just to said I have finished it.

So I plan to sort out all those when & the condition to apply the grammar, the Duo lesson do not have the explanation of grammar rules, and when to apply it, and mostly the hard part grammar is around late stages of the tree. Lolz

Btw got other spanish group members recommend this lingvist web for me, I will have a try when I'm ready! xD



By the way, where are you from?







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