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Comparison of American Sign Language Versus Worldwide Sign Language Dialects

While talking about American Sign Language (ASL) in the comments of a different discussion, I was curious about the differences between Greek Sign Language and ASL. I didn't find the answer I was looking for. But, I did find this cool PowerPoint presentation called Comparison of American Sign Language Versus Worldwide Sign Language Dialects. (Click blue link to download PPT.)

It isn't an exhaustive comparison. It is more of a introduction. But, it is still really cool. :D

So, about the differences between Greek Sign Language and American Sign Language, anyone know more about that? Also, know of anyone someone could find lessons for GSL online? (Looking for a reliable source of lessons. There are so many sites and videos out there that are, for instance, with lessons on ASL that are riddled with sign errors, bad grammar, and even teaching SEE claiming it is ASL.) So, if you happen to know the credentials of the person/people/company teaching Greek Sign Language, that would be great to know too!)


PS For those looking to learn American Sign Language, LifePrint and the corresponding Bill Vicars YouTube channel offer free ASL lessons. I 100% recommend them. Dr. Vicars is himself hard of hearing and has a Ph.D in Deaf Education. So, it is reliable. ASL has regional dialects, of course. Dr. Vicars is located in San Diego, California. I've only encountered 2-3 signs that had much variance from those used by my signing friends from Utah and Oregon. :)

May 28, 2017




You may find this interesting


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That was really interesting, thank you for that! I'm curious as to how French and American sign language are similar since ASL took a lot from FSL. I'm currently studying ASL on Memrise, and it's really fun! If anyone's interested in trying it out, I recommend it (type "ASL" in the Memrise.com or Memrise app search engine) as you can studying your spoken language, while at the same time signing in ASL.

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