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Why speaking translation exercises are removed, and why don't we have second chance on speaking exercises no longer?

May 28, 2017



I don't have those problems in the App on my phone (Android 7.1.1) in the courses "German for English speakers" and "German for French speakers". (I don't learn Spanish and Italian)

Can you give us some more information? Maybe we can help.

  • If you use the web version (www.duolingo.com)
    . which operating system (Linux, Mac, windows, ?) and version number
    . which browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, ?) and version number

  • If you use an App
    . which operating system (Android, IOS, Windows) and version number


I use Windows 10, Chrome. The problem occurs in German too for me.


Results of the tests of Duolingo's web version on:
PC and "phone in desktop mode and mobile mode"

  • speaking translation exercises: Okay

  • second chance on speaking exercises:
    . I don't have a microphone at my PC, so I could not test it on PC.
    . I don't get any speaking exercise on my phone in the web version in the browser of my phone (neither in desktop mode nor in mobile mode). But I have never tried this before.
    . I mostly have three chances on my phone in the Android App)

My test environment for Duolingo's web version:

  • PC:
    . operating system Linux Mageia 5 (http://www.mageia.org/en/5/)
    . browser Firefox ESR 52.1.0 (64 bit)
    . unfortunately I don't have the possibility to test in Windows 10 or in Chrome.

  • Phone: Android 7.1.1 and Firefox 53.0.2 for Android

  • adblockers: On (AdBlock Plus and Ghostery)

  • in my main account (338 days old, new web version but without advertisements)
  • in my test account (41 days old, with blocked advertisements)
  • Settings in Duolingo:
    . Microphone: ON (I don't have a microphone at my PC, so there : Off)
    . Speaker: On
    . Sound effects: Off
  • in the course: German for English speakers

I assume you have problems since you have been transferred from the old to the new web version.
There are many complaints like yours in the discussion forums.
Some suggestions to find a solution:

I hope this will help you.
If not, you can send a bug report via the Duolingo Help Center web page


Maybe it is also usefull to reply to admin karint in this discussion
"What's going on with the Microphone questions?"

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