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Speech recognition?

The speech recognition seems to accept things when they are completely wrong. For example I was supposed to say "Yo escribo libros" but without thinking I said "I read books" and I still got it right! How accurate is this speech recognition supposed to be?

June 24, 2012



I think the purpose of the microphone is to make you say words aloud for practice, not as much for accuracy.


This is true. I tested it by speaking random rubbish and still got it right!


I know this is an old thread but it seemed the most relevant to the issue I have. Basically I find that the speech recognition on the iPad app is extremely poor. I am learning both Italian and German and in both languages I've noticed the app will sometimes fail an accurate reading of the phrase and in others pass something completely incorrect - on one occasion I was having a conversation with my wife (in English) and accidentally pressed the 'Microphone' button, and was pretty surprised to see the app award me with a 'Pass' for that phrase a few seconds later! I realise that speech recognition is a tough thing to do, technically speaking, but if it's this inaccurate it really shouldn't be in the app as it gives users a false impression of success. Are there any plans to improve it on the horizon?


It seems it's nothing more than a placebo button on iOs, Android or the website.


I saw a post yesterday talking about improvements in the speech recognition for users with the Chrome browser so clearly there is still development going on in this area, but it seems like it would be better to only use it on the platforms/in the languages where it can work to an acceptable minimum standard, rather than featuring it on all platforms and in all languages and thus undermining the perception of the entire feature to those users as a result.


When doing French using Chrome it intermittently says I'm wrong even on simple words like bonjour. On Firefox I can answer in Norwegian or just swear in English and it says I'm right. Any ideas?


Like others, I am convinced it does not work. Especially when it goes bing and tells me I have got it right when I am only half-way through the sentence. It tends to get shouted at then !

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