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Speech recognition?

The speech recognition seems to accept things when they are completely wrong. For example I was supposed to say "Yo escribo libros" but without thinking I said "I read books" and I still got it right! How accurate is this speech recognition supposed to be?

June 24, 2012



I think the purpose of the microphone is to make you say words aloud for practice, not as much for accuracy.


This is true. I tested it by speaking random rubbish and still got it right!


I know this is an old thread but it seemed the most relevant to the issue I have. Basically I find that the speech recognition on the iPad app is extremely poor. I am learning both Italian and German and in both languages I've noticed the app will sometimes fail an accurate reading of the phrase and in others pass something completely incorrect - on one occasion I was having a conversation with my wife (in English) and accidentally pressed the 'Microphone' button, and was pretty surprised to see the app award me with a 'Pass' for that phrase a few seconds later! I realise that speech recognition is a tough thing to do, technically speaking, but if it's this inaccurate it really shouldn't be in the app as it gives users a false impression of success. Are there any plans to improve it on the horizon?


It seems it's nothing more than a placebo button on iOs, Android or the website.


When doing French using Chrome it intermittently says I'm wrong even on simple words like bonjour. On Firefox I can answer in Norwegian or just swear in English and it says I'm right. Any ideas?


Like others, I am convinced it does not work. Especially when it goes bing and tells me I have got it right when I am only half-way through the sentence. It tends to get shouted at then !

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