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I finished my Italian Tree !

It was a long journey, but worth it. After almost 4 months, I finished my Italian tree. Every single day (at least I tried) I was on Duolingo, ever strengthening my skills or leaning new ones. I kept a notebook where I was writing every piece of vocabulary that every skills offered, and every grammar lessons. I also copied Italian songs and highlighted the words I did not understand. Now when I look at these words, I am happy with all the progress that I did.

Would I say that I am fluent ? No, not yet, I believe I still need to learn a lot of things. But I am confident enough to have conversations with Italian speakers and even if I don't know the word, I just say it in English and they are happy to give me a translation. I love speaking Italian, such a lovely language to hear and listen. Duo is a great start that will get you to a strong A2 / B1 level but you definitively need other sources.

I kept this page in my notebook where I listed the reasons why I wanted to learn Italian and when I felt like giving up, I just read it and I am happy to give it to you: 1. Sexy Language 2. Italy. 3. Travel Purpose 4. Job opportunities 5. More people to talk to. If you have enough reasons to learn a language, you will eventually, regardless of how hard it is.

Now that I finished the Italian tree, I guess I will try to golden all my skills, but also do the reverse tree for more challenge. I also want to do some Memrise courses to expand my vocabulary and also use my Netflix account to watch some Italian classics. I'm also gonna try to read and prepare for my A2 exam Tuesday (I took Italian as a language in University).

I also want to thank Duolingo and the people who built the course, it is a really amazing course with tons of vocabulary and some funny sentences (Non era cosi piccolo prima che entrassi tu). And of course, thanks to this amazing community that is willing to help when I have a question (dumb or not).

May 28, 2017



Congratulations! By what you did while you were learning, it is obvious that you had such strong dedication and it paid off. I wish you luck in your language learning journey!


Congratulazioni!! ^-^



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