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  5. "Si esercita alla mattina."


"Si esercita alla mattina."

March 3, 2013



Now I'm really confused. Why is 'stasera si beve' 'tonight WE drink', but 'si esercita alla mattina' 'HE exercises in the morning'? I just don't understand this sentence structure.


You can put time clauses more or less where you want in Italian.

"La mattina si esercita" or "Di mattina si esercita" would be as valid as "Si esercita di mattina" or "Si esercita la mattina"

I am not so sure that "alla mattina" is the best form to use here. It shouldn't be wrong, I think, then "Alla sera si esercita" should work as well.

I think you can report it, if you want.

Duolingo system can learn languages better only via our feedback. :)


Ok so can someone explain "Si esercita"?


Why isn't "one exercises in the morning" acceptable?


Thank you for your help, but you misunderstand me. What I don't understand is why, in the first example ' si bere' means 'WE drink' but in the second example 'si esercita' means 'HE exercises'. I don't know how to tell which English pronoun to use for the construction 'si + verb'. :)


Ah, I got it! Sorry!!!

"Stasera si beve"... it could be translated in many ways "Tonight is a night made for drinking" "Tonight we drink" "Tonight there will be stuff to drink"

Do you know a little French? It would be similar to "On va boire ce soir!".

"si" is a "particella pronominale"

  • for reflexive verbs that refers to Lui and Lei
  • for general sentences without a true subject, it's called "si passivante" (I had to google it)



If you have further questions, please ask! :)


Very helpful, as always. Thanks! Like Koolkaren I also know a lot more French than Italian.


Thank you so much again. I do speak a lot more French than I do Italian so yes, that does help. Boy, I'm finding pronouns tough! :)


Once again my email informs me that there is a new comment from a third person on a comment thread, but when I click to come here it isn't here.


That was my comment. I replied to the first comment from marziotta, because I though the discussion ended there. Then I've seen that instead of replying to her comment you posted the reply as a new comment and continued the discussion, so I deleted my comment since it was useless...

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