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Endless Mode

I would absolutely love a "Strengthen Skills: Endless Mode". It'd be handy when you're revising a tree you've completed but neglected. Like the Temple Run of language learning. What do you think? :D

May 28, 2017



As long as the results can be saved or the progress paused at any time, I'm with you!


You deserve 6 lingots for your wonderful idea.


Thanks! :D glad you like it!


That's a very good idea!


I'd love it! Especially if it was for the whole tree and not just one or two skills (and that doesn't even seem to work at the moment, at least for me it's one skill only). As it is I can guess pretty soon what grammar the button wants me to study and I know what rules I have to use for all the questions and I start to automatically use the past forms (or whatever the skill is). But I don't have to think about the tense of each sentence and it's not as big a challenge as it could be.


Yeah, maybe if they went from the stuff you're most rusty on to the stuff you know best and randomised it from there? Good point :)


There was actually a duolingo userscript created for this very reason a long time ago so the idea isn't anything new. However, the script stopped working a few months ago.

It is a good idea nonetheless, because it's a pain in the behind for me to keep refreshing the page just to practice again.


Exactly my thinking, it's annoying having to keep starting new sessions. I have very minimal knowledge of scripts and webpages and whatnot so I probably couldn't have worked the userscript anyway :D


If it worked the same way as timed practices, i.e. 1XP for every correct answer and had a way to click something when you're done that would bring you to the lesson complete page that would be good.


Hi! This is a great idea which I thought of also. I expanded on this idea in my more recent post (search for: Duolingo Should Make An Endless Mode) Which people seemed to support! Tell me what you think in the comments of that post.

But well done for getting there first! Have a lingot.

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