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Why doesn't Duolingo count all the words as practiced in the lessons?

For example: I finish a lesson (EN-ITA) where I learn the imperatives and there is a sentence "Chiama il dottore!" but after the lesson the word "dottore" is still "last parcticed 1 year ago" and "chiama" is "last parcticed 5 min ago."

I understand that in that lesson the point is to learn the imperatives ("chiama" in that sentence) but at the same time I also have to use/remember/practice the other words in the sentence. The word "dottore" has been popping up in many lessons I finished lately but soon as I'm "strengthening skills" I need to practice that word again. Even though I definitely remember that word.

It's just frustrating to have to practice again and again those words that are not fading from my memory as they pop up in every other lesson. I'd rather strengthen the words that I really need to.

Maybe there is a fancy algorithm or something that knows more about learning than I do. So it decides that if I'm learning a new word it fully cancels my ability to practice the other words in the same sentence. But why it is like that?

May 28, 2017


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