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Review Lesson button has disappeared

Hi! Recently I noticed that the button that lets me review the lesson has disappeared. I found it useful, especially during timed practice when I would not necessarily have time to look at the discussion of an answer I got wrong. Am I on the unlucky side of an A/B test or is the button gone forever? Can I get it back? Why did it go away?

I want to add that DuoLingo has been incredible for me over the last three years. I have told as many people as I can about it. Thanks very much to all the course creators and to the people maintaining the courses!

May 28, 2017



I found it useful too! It stinks that it's gone. but 'la vie doit continuer' (:


Strange that this would be removed, I now stop and study the correction , hopefully before the time runs out and the screen changes. Also, the shortcut "Enter" key always wants to kick you out of the practice and back to the Home screen.


Man I loved that thing


Same here ... :-(

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