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TinyCards vs Duolingo

Which do you think helps you to learn a language easier?

May 28, 2017



I believe duolingo is better for the languages it has, and everything is definitely true, whereas on tinycards somethings are made by users, so may not be true. However, there are languages like Japanese and Icelandic on it which duolingo doesn't have.


Umm tinycards is just a flashcard program

[deactivated user]

    They have different roles in language learning. Duolingo didn't create TinyCards to be a Duo replacement.


    great combined! the cards are a great supplement and I wish they were tied in to the Spanish so they'd give some (even if minimal) credit for procticing


    I agree. A tie in with Tinycards and Duolingo would be really useful.


    yes I wish each lesson had a tinycards option for when I go back to review


    I've worked out that if you go onto the website version of Tinycards you can hide individual cards within each pack, so I'm removing all the inaccurate cards and the ones I can't possibly forget. Now I have an intense learning set of the words I just can't seem to remember. It helps.


    I want to know how to do that!!!


    The one downside of Tinycards is that it doesn't allow for multiple meanings for words. In Italian one word can have multiple possibilities depending on context. If you're using Tinycards to remember certain words then you could end up misunderstanding.


    Duolingo definitely, since you get the vocabulary and the grammar in one. Tinycards is more of a supplement to practice your vocabulary or increase it with the flashcards created by other users.

    On TinyCards you can also study different topics. There are flashcards about history, geography or science on there.


    ¿Cómo puedo borrar en tinycards fichas que ya no quiero seguir utilizando?


    Sacarlos de tus favoritos.


    Definetly duolingo... I have used tiny cards and it doesn't help me much


    You can't learn a language off of just Tinycards. It's to review your vocabulary.


    Ofcourse! Duolingo is for learning a language, aand tinycardsare for fun, and to remember some words better.

    [deactivated user]



      Tinycards are a fantastic supplement to Duolingo. I struggle to remember all the versions of certain words and it's hard to get a handle on those within the confines of Duolingo itself. Tinycards isolates those individual words. I go through all the ones I struggle with every day and already I've managed to remember a lot of the words I was having trouble with. Then I can relate them back to the usual Duolingo lessons and it's definitely improving my Italian. I recommend it.


      TinyCards, I'm learning my fourth language with flash cards, help in memorize words or sentences, and the negative point is: doesn't have the audio function available in several languages; for beginners Duolingo is helpful.


      combined is best - tinycards helps a LOT with vocabulary while Duo helps with using it in context and hearing it


      definitely this. i consider it extra practice and found it very helpful as a preview and review.


      DUOLINGO!!! I like it better, because some people have bad memory, and they can't learn anything using tiny cards, so duolingo is the best.


      The official TinyCards deck for Portuguese doesn't seem to have a whole lot of "there" there (i.e. it doesn't appear to cover anywhere close to the vocab from the whole tree), so I got turned off the platform pretty fast. If anybody else has had better luck with the Portuguese deck, I'd be happy to hear.


      i must say thanks for creating duolingo and now the tinycards also! it is a great supplement, even better just for building up vocabulary because i am repeating words without needing to write the other parts of the sentences (becomes tiring) as i need to when strenghtening in Duolingo. awesome add would love if you could add the "tinycards" shprtcut form duolingo home page nexto to "discussion" that would be great


      I think tinycards because u have it to tell you all the words but do dulingo tests you on them and don't tell you the words Intel after so I'm on tinycards team more than dulingo would be better if it's told you what the words meant before having you answer questions!


      I think tinycards because you have unlimited tries. and if you need to study some thing then you can make a deck how you want it to be. but ti was not meant to replace duolingo.


      hi. does any one like Zelda breath of the wild here? it is a video game.


      why won't tinycards open for me anymore?

      [deactivated user]

        I use TinyCards as a supplement for my vocabulary.


        i like tinycards better than duoLingo. i can't believe they're doing away with tinycards!

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