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Duolingo German Enhancements

I think several training opportunities are being missed in Duolingo German. 1. Which work means: having the article in addition to the German word would help immensely. 2. Taking every opportunity to play the German translation would go a long way too: - If you make an error in translation, when Duo displays the correct text, play the German. - When you make a correct translation, play the German. - When you check, which sentence or sentences mean... play the German after the answer is submitted.

May 28, 2017



Whenever I click practice it often starts me off with a few cases of [article] [noun], I don't know if it's like that for other people. I know a great way to brush up on the genders for each noun is using the Tinycards site and going to whatever deck is pertinent, like animals or foods. All of those flashcards include the article. I do think that playing the audio more would be great to really bore it into your mind, but some people might get annoyed. Remember that they want new folks to not get scared off too easily haha


It wouldn't be hard to implement an on/off switch in the profile settings. Of course only a few would actually find it and the rest would clog the discussion fora with questions and complaints.


hallo ich hei├če tobi und komme aus deutschland xD

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