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More "alphabet game" learning aids on Glossika website.

Free Chinese, Korean, and Japanese "alphabet games" have been added to the glossika website (where Russian, Greek, Polish, Georgian, and Armenian have been available for a few weeks) as learning aids. Acc. to the e-mail I received: With practice on hiragana, katakana, hangul and zhuyin, you’ll enjoy hours of fun breezing through these all-time favorite alphabet systems. Asia is full of different scripts, and there are many more to come from Glossika.

None of these games have I tried out, other than taking a very brief look at the Russian offering, which seemed quite good.

If anyone does give any of these a fairly extensive try, please post what you think.

May 28, 2017



I have worked through the Mkhedruli alphabet for Georgian and thought it was a fine resource. It’s a very careful step-by-step transliteration method with review lessons and the chance (for many lessons) to do more than the standard 10 words for practice. It gives phonetic approximations, no sound, so of course that is a limitation (but for Georgian, with “harmonic clusters” that make Czech seem tame, it’s probably just as well – and there are Memrise courses to help with that). I am looking forward to trying the other ‘games'.

These games are free; Glossika resources in general are not. Can anybody comment on what the paid resources are like?


I have the Vietnamese course and love it. The basic package is three books (I'm not sure if all courses have three) and a boatload of audio. The audio reads off sentences of increasing complexity. The book has each sentence read, along with IPA (and in the case of Vietnamese an alternate script).

I find the material to be great for both listening practice and speaking practice. For other languages they have more material (e.g. for Chinese they have an intensive alphabet course, and also extra material such as business focused sentences). I felt it was well worth the money.


Thanks, kuah. That's very good to know. I haven't tried any of the Glossika packages, but they look like they would be worthwhile. If I would decide just what I want to concentrate on, I might try Latin American Spanish, French, or Russian.


Thanks, CeoltoirAV. That's just the sort of review I was hoping to read People on Duo would probably find these useful, and they are free.


Is "głossika" free?


No it isn't. If you read a bit of the website they only talk about 'products' and if you go to their course page the packages offered start at ~$40 with most languages starting at $95.


No. Just these "alphabet games" are free.

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