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Is there a way to disable the new question left-sliding animation transition?

I'm normally not very picky about new features and all, but this is actually hurting my eyes a little bit to where it's more difficult to focus on the questions. Can we please get an option in Settings that allows us to turn this off?

May 28, 2017



(Unlrelated to Duolingo, but background info relevant to my next statement:) A sliding transition is one reason I don't use the Memrise (Android) app.

(And the statement itself:) If a noticeable sliding transition comes to Duolingo, I suspect I will be unable to continue using Duolingo.


The animation has now been reverted back to how it was before. Much better!

As a side note, it seems the place to put bug reports is the troubleshooting forum.


Specifying whether you're talking about the desktop version or the app might help; if you're using the web site there may be something in the CSS/page layout code that one could alter so it wouldn't slide, but I don't know. Sorry :(


I've also noticed this when they switched me to the new site on the desktop version and find it irritating. Also, sometimes the transition doesn't complete properly and is even more jarring.


I also have this problem in the web version after being switched over to the new (much faster!) version of the website. I'm having to shut my eyes for a moment every time I hit Continue (or Weiter when learning from German) to avoid feeling a bit sick. It's more of a problem when going fast, when finding the lesson easy.

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