Difficulty keeping everything golden

Other guys who are reaching the end of the Russian course do you have the same "issue". I'm not sure if it is one. I have about 4 lessons left for full Russian course and I almost got all of the lessons golden. I think about 2 I didn't do golden Then the next day I have 15 more who have dropped down and the last lesson I did are from Golden all the way down to 1 bar, and it's a real pain to bring back up?

Is this a result of having a lot of covered lessons when reaching the end, because it's absolutely impossible do maintain gold. I have to do about 500 points a day, all day.

May 28, 2017


You don't have to keep everything golden. It's just a suggestion from Duo's side. It can be quite nice to ignore that suggestion for a while and go full steam ahead, and then come back and practice at other times.

May 28, 2017

I guess this is some sort of German-like obsessive disorder on my side. But I want them all to be perfect. :)

May 28, 2017

Haha, quite a few people studying here have this problem! :-) But you're really better off not getting burned out and hating either studying, Russian, Duolingo, or all three. I was going to suggest a moderate strategy, but now read your post properly and saw that you only have a little bit left. So stop thinking too much and keep practicing!! :-p

(They did change the algorithm for some people a while back, so that lessons degild faster than they did before. It was actually the end of a test in which strengths stayed golden longer. I definitely noticed a difference in my Russian tree. But don't worry: with time and practice, lessons will stay golden longer.)

May 28, 2017

Yeah , I understand why that happens and that's good. I learned a lot in the Russian tree and can actually say it was brutal at times ,but fun. I maintain my streak and with time I think I will be able to make them all golden.

Nice streak by the way. That looks like around 4 years. Very impressive.

May 28, 2017

Thanks, I like the symmetry of today's streak. ;-) Nah, I've been here since October 2013, and I've lost my streak once.

I finished the Russian tree last September, if I remember correctly, and have been casually practicing it (mostly on the Android app ... so it's not that hard) ever since. I still often learn new things that I somehow missed before or have completely forgotten about. I also recently finished the reverse (Russian-->English) tree, which I can recommend -- it contains some more Russian vocabulary and makes one understand Russian grammar a bit better.

Russian is definitely a loooong project, but this course has been a fun way to start it.

May 28, 2017

The forums have been flooded with issues like this of late.

I suspect that on top of ending the prior experiment which increased skill strength levels, they might well have started a new one that further decreases them. If you've noticed a change on this front of late, maybe that's what's going on.

Congratulations on your near-completion of the tree!

May 29, 2017
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