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Gender of Words (in German, Spanish, etc.)

I wish the "words" section of languages with gendered nouns would list their genders.

I would be helpful to see "la mano" and not just "mano", or "das Brot" and not just "Brot".

And it would be nice to able to do quizzes just on this aspect of the nouns.

May 28, 2017



Click on the word in the list. The additional information on the right gives the gender.


Thank you.

It seems like an unnecessary step to me, though.


It would be! I've done a lot of Spanish so I'm familiar with the general idea of masculine words ending in o and feminine words ending in a (with obvious exceptions of course); But I'm just starting German from scratch and it takes a little while to track down what it's gender is. When I write them down though, I write: "a bread" "the bread" "some bread (plural)". I use Wiktionary for that.

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