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"Du weißt, ich würde dich nie um Geld bitten."

Translation:You know that I would never beg you for money.

March 3, 2013



Why is "about money" not correct ? Can "f umlaut u r Geld" be used "for money" ?


'to beg for something' = 'um etwas bitten'.

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@wataya : Is "to ask for something" and "to beg for something" expressed with the same words/expression in German?


It depends on context. If you mean "to beg" in the sense of a beggar begging for money, you'd rather use "betteln" ich German. See here for typical uses: http://is.gd/b7dEPc


So in fact 'um etwas bitten' is not, in this context 'to beg'? As that would be ‘um etwas betteln’? Since, the sentence suggests someone is asking for money, but that they know the person they are asking it from, is this not simply ‘asking/ requesting something’ If it was truly begging for money or charity would this sentence not use 'um etwas betteln' with 'um etwas bitten' being 'to ask/ request/ beg' someone to do something or ask for forgiveness? Have I got that right?


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I've got the listening extercise, so I think that "... um Geld bieten" should be accepted too.


The two are pronounced differently, so I would assume that you should be able to distinguish them in real life. And bieten um won't make sense here.


The "bie" in "bieten" sounds like a long "i", as in "beach" [bi:tʃ]; while the "bi" in "bitten" sounds like a short vowel between "i" and "e", like in "❤❤❤❤❤" [bɪtʃ].

bieten [ˈbiːtn] bitten [ˈbɪtn]

I suggest you go to forvo.com or to collinsdictionary.com and listen to them a couple of times! Also, learning the IPA comes in handy in times such as these.

Best of luck!

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