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Looking for help with Spanish! I can help you with English!

Hello! I am currently trying to practice my Spanish as it is very bad. Anyone that can help me with Spanish, I will gladly help you with English!

Have a good day!

May 28, 2017

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We currently have an English/Spanish language exchange going on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord with hundreds of people including native English and Spanish speakers! Check out the following Duolingo post for the rules and the invitation link:


Just make sure you have read and agreed to the five group rules before joining. We hope to see you there!


First, thank you very much for learning our beautiful language. In my opinion, it's way better building a deep vocabulary foundation, before practicing. This learning curve tends to be a bit boring, but it's totally worth it. You might want to read a lot before, and repeat as many time as necessary the things that are not crystal clear for you. But, if you still want to practice, you'll be fine as long as you don't get frustrated. You too, have a nice day!

Primero, muchas gracias por aprender nuestro hermoso idioma. En mi opinión, es mucho mejor construir una base de vocabulario profunda, antes de practicar. Esta curva de aprendizaje tiende a ser un poco aburrida, pero lo vale totalmente. Tal vez primero quiera leer mucho, y repetir tantas veces como sean necesarias las cosas que no están totalmente claras para usted. Pero, si aún quiere practicar, le irá bien siempre que no se frustre. ¡Que usted también tenga un lindo día!


I know a lot of vocabulary in Spanish but I can only conjugate basic present, preterite, and future. I can understand a lot more than I am able to speak. It's connecting all the words together that's hard for me.


Maravilloso, entonces lo invito a escribir en español siempre que tenga la posibilidad y ánimos. No se preocupe si comete errores u omite algunas reglas. Aquí estamos para eso, ayudarnos los unos a los otros. Espero se divierta aprendiendo español, y que no sea un martirio. Siempre que se canse o se sienta un poco indispuesto, dese un descanso para comenzar renovado en otra oportunidad.

If you have any doubt with this spanish paragraph, let me know.


Sergio tu inglés es excelente, felicitaciones. Yo apenas empece con esta aventura de aprender ingles, veo que tienes un excelente nivel y comparto tu comentario en que se debe de tener una base solida en el idioma antes de intentar practicar para prevenir frustraciones.

Excelente día.


Thanks man. Once you reached a kind of advanced level is harder to improve, that's why I try to live in english whenever I can.
Congratulations to you, too. Reaching level 25 means a mountain of work, hours of practicing.

You too, have an excellent day.


hola! yo soy nueva aqui y quiero aprender ingles, mi idioma original es el español asi es que yo te puedo ayudar con ello:)


Me encantaría ayudarte. Soy española. Can you help me with my English?


Yes, I can! I have Skype or WhatsApp


grupo whatsapp español - ingles.


Hey Kattle, How are you? What do you want to know?


hello i want learn english


We can Skype or communicate in WhatsApp. Whichever is easiest for you!


hello how are you? I'm from colombia I cal help u with spanish and you can help me with english.


I am doing great. ¿Cómo está usted? I would love to help you!


Hi, my name is Deiby. I am learning English and also is a little bad. I can help you with your Spanish.

Regards since Colombia.


I would love the help as much as helping you!


I think the same, so we let's learn. Skype?


Hi! it's a good idea to change languages, I would like to be in contact with to practice my English...


Your English is good! I'd love to be able to practice with you as well.


let's star whenever you want


Hello, kattle, i need your help with my english, i´m offer you my help in you spanish.


Hello, my facebook is RUBEN CM, it will be a pleasure help you with your Spanish, I am from México.

Do you have facebook? I do not have Skype.


Hi, I would love to help you with Spanish and that you help me with English.


Hello! I am from Mexico and I am very interested in practicing my english! I would gladly help you practice your spanish if you wish


Me encantaría colaborar en tu Español and I would appreciate your help with English :)


hello, I'm glad to help you in spanish. I woul like to practice and learn English..


HELLO. I can help you with spanish, and Can you help me with my English?


Where are you front? ¿De donde eres?


hi, how can i help you?


I can help you! When u like! And u help me :D


hi! don't worry i help you with spanish, what do you think


HIII! your comment is very interesting, i could help you in this, also i need practice more the english!


Thank you! It sounds like a very good deal.


hi, let's begin then



Off course! I want to help you to learn the Spanish language. I'm sure that this language is really exciting at the same time that you will find out new grammar rules, the capital letters. Anyway. If you want to learn a Spanish Language really, try just don't complicate about how are you going to achieve that. Just keep up your eagerness. God bless you!


Hi, I just looking for somebody to practice my English... :0) I will love to practice Spanish with you... please look for me at skype my nick name is: milycast. Have a nice day!! Qué tengas un lindo día!!!


hello I can help you, and you too


ok I want learn English, but I don´t understand. I help you with Spanish


Hello! I can try help you in Spanish, it would be interesting.


yes, i need to practice my english, tell me please, how i can help you?


I can help whit your spanish


yo te puedo ayudar con el español


Hi kattle! I'm Daniela and speak Spanish :) I can help you with Spanish and you can help me with English. What do you say?


help me with my english


hola enseño español por ingles gracias mi skipe es jose.alicante.ramon un saludo desde alicante españa


Hello, let´s practice together. You en spanish. I in English. Where are you from?


hi my name is sharay i speak perfec spanish so i can help but i need help for practice english


how about you !! Im from colombia




Hello Kattle. I suggest you consider that American Spanish and European Spanish (Spain) is different in pronunciation and some grammatical voices. It can cause confusion at first if you practice both types of Spanish at the same time.


yo puedo ayudarte


I can help you in your spanish


Hello, I am of Honduras !! we can speak whit me.


Hola Kattle, mi idioma madre es español, tengo un ingles decente y estoy aprendiendo francés. Me encantaría ayudarte, de igual forma de ayudaría bastante subir más mi nivel de ingles. Saludos


add me in whats app im from colombia and i really need practice my english and i will need to practice ur spanish if u agree tell me to give my number


Sure, men, I can help you with Spanish.


I can help you, I speak Spanish. Empezando por tu solicitud confundes la primera persona con la tercera, " ya que es muy mala"se dice " ya que soy muy mala" "con mucho gusto le ayudará con Inglés" se dice " con mucho gusto le ayudaré ( o le ayudaría) con el Inglés"

Good night, bye



Hi Catle, we can practice both english and spanish, my native language is spanish so I can give you some tips since you said you have much vocabulary. You can find me in skype as: german cervantes. I live in Colombia


Hola Mi nombre es Mónica y si puedo ayudarte con el español ...... y yo necesito tu ayuda con el inglés have a good day!!


Hola!me encantaría intercambiar mi español por tu inglés, 1 hora de practica al día a través de skype.


Hola te puedo ayudar con tu español, pero como hariamos.. i want to learn Englis, Especially talk and understand IT Have good day


Hi!! I'm from Spain and I want to practice English, and if you want I can help you with Spanish, do you have whatsapp? :)


Your WhatsApp group invitation link is dead. Please update it.


Hello, I would like join in the group.


hola a todos soy jose de elche alicante si alguien quiere practicar enseño español, estoy aprendiendo ingles, mi skype es jose.alicante.ramon un saludo a todos y buen aprendizaje


Hi i would like to keep in touch with you to practice the languages. I hope you answer me


hi there. do u have skype for practicing


Hi Katle , I'm trying to improve my English even more I think we can help to each other if you want it

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