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"Das Baby spielt mit dem Zucker."

Translation:The baby plays with the sugar.

March 3, 2013



why use dem, not den? i think "Das Bab spielt mit den Zucker"


Zucker is masculine and "mit" requires the dative case = definite article "dem".


I'd never had expected the baby would play with sugar. Why not using a word wich matches the context a bit more, like a Schnuller or Puppe


That's what I am thinking too, wonder why you are the only person commending on this.


das= is this and that if i am correct?I wrote that baby plays with sugar and it was wrong(reported).Correct me if i am wrong


Hi. Der/die/das are definite articles which are simply translated as "the". Dieser/diese/dieses are demonstrative pronouns translated as "this". So, "Das Baby"="the baby" and "Dieses Baby"="this baby". Duo is very strict about this (despite the fact that some german dictionaries offer both translations for the articles). Also, one "the" before "sugar" should be there.

Another example from Duo: "Das mag ich: Apfelsaft mit Freunden trinken." This is the case where we translate "das" as "this" or "that" ("I like that: ..."). The definite article is not followed by a noun (like in the first case), so it has a demonstrative role here.


The same question.


The explanation is incorrect. Zucker is not an indirect object here. It is the object of a dative preposition.


Is 'Baby' also a word in German?


The solution "That baby plays..." should be accepted.

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