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Cool blog about language learning

I haven't really been on Duolingo for a really long time but I'm attempting to learn Italian and I've been getting back into language learning, and I found this cool blog. https://bookboundpolyglot.wordpress.com/start-here/ I've forgotten Duolingo formatting so I can actually link to it, but it's a really interesting blog by an aspiring polyglot even though it hasn't been posted on in the past few months, as far as I can tell. It has a lot of interesting info about how she uses Input methods (listening and reading mostly) rather than output (speaking to native speakers/writing/using the language to communicate with others).

Choosing Which Language To Learn - https://bookboundpolyglot.wordpress.com/2015/11/02/on-choosing-which-language-to-learn/

Basics of Input Hypothesis - https://bookboundpolyglot.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/input-hypothesis-the-basics/

There are a lot of other interesting articles though

May 29, 2017



This blog is awesome. I read a few of its blog posts already, and I bookmarked it. The input hypothesis seems pretty interesting as well.


After meditating on the input theory blog post, I think I'm going cancel my subscription to Fluencia.com and prioritize reading and listening in Spanish over talking and even formal study. At this point, I'm still going to try to get up to level 25 in Duolingo (I think...), and I still will communicate to my language partner, but I believe I can learn a lot about grammar and vocabulary just by reading and listening in Spanish.

I got up to page 28 in the Principles and Practice of Second Language Acquisition book, and I'm really tempted to read the whole thing. I believe it's a very worthwhile read, and again, thanks SO MUCH for sharing this link with us!! :)

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