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  5. "The fear is rising."

"The fear is rising."

Translation:Die Angst kommt.

March 3, 2013



Niether "Die Angst steigt an" nor "Die Angst wächst" is given as a correct answer by the program here. "Die Angst nimmt zu" and "Die Angst kommt." are given, which haven't been at all presented before... just to keep one guessing, I suppose. There is no way one is getting this one right on the first round, especially since "nehmen" hasn't yet been taught.


"Die Angst nimmt zu" would work, too. "Die Angst kommt" is not an accurate translation if you take the original sentence to mean that fear is already there and now getting stronger. Could you use 'the fear rises' if there was no fear there originally?

[deactivated user]

    Thank you, agree.


    Subtle difference between "the fear is rising" and "the fear is arising". Does "die Angst kommt" imply "increases" or "appears"?
    In English I might say "the fear comes [on]" to mean either--builds or begins--although without the "on" it would more likely mean "comes into being".


    "Die Angst kommt" means it comes into being.


    I dunno. I think "nehmen" has been presented to me already.


    What is listed is "Die Angst steigt an" as an answer when reviewing. The options say for "is rising"as "steigt auf", but this is not accepted as an answer. Is there a difference here? Both "an" and "auf" imply a preposition of "on".


    Neither 'steigt an' nor 'steigt auf' would be idiomatic to use with 'Angst' in German. The correct collocation is 'Die Angst wächst'.


    Thank you. I got by with: "Die Angst steigt." but it's really good to know what's used out in the non Duo world. I imagine speaking to a native German and hearing: "Ah, another Duolingoter." But I have no doubt that I will one day be able to atune my learning here to idiomatic German. Might even regain some English. :-)

    I am so grateful to have found Duo and really have come to love some of the 'odd' sentences. "Sie ersetzt das Baby durch einen schwarzen Hund."

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