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Recommended alternatives to Immersion?

I used to be a regular Duo user back when Immersion was fully available, and found it incredibly helpful. But now that it's gone, I'm wondering if any of you have found any websites that are similar to Immersion? - Sites focusing on reading/writing - preferably translating - using your target language(s).

I've heard good things about Lang8 when it comes to writing, but they don't seem to be accepting new members, and last time I tried Readlang I was pretty underwhelmed, but they're the only websites a quick Google search came up with. Does anyone have any other ideas?

ATM I just copy/paste paragraphs into Word and try to translate them on my own, which is useful but not ideal (as I have no way of knowing where my mistakes are!)

May 29, 2017



Use the appropriate language learning forum on Reddit. They're usually quite happy to correct and give constructive criticism to your translations.

I know it's not focused on writing, but you could try Italki as well. Speaking uses the same recall functions as reading and writing, but you're forced to do it at speed, without a dictionary. Reading and writing improve as a side effect. :)


Thanks, I've never really used Reddit before but I'll see if I can find some useful pages!


There's lingq but I think it's probably only worth it if you get a paid membership. I tried the free version and liked it a lot but used up all my free lingq's too fast.

Also I agree with the poster who said italki. You can write journal entries and native speakers will translate them.


lang-8.com. Not a completely free site, but you can submit what you write to a community and have them correct. The corrections can be problematic - I submitted a description of the wildlife in the area where I live, having checked the names used by Sonoran desert natives for the animals, and had someone correct all of the names to European versions, which weren't even the same animals. Also, try getting the same book in both English and Spanish and read them side by side. Do your translation from Spanish then look at the English version, and vice versa.

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