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  5. Where is link to my dashboard?


Where is link to my dashboard?

All of a sudden I can no longer see the link to take me to my dashboard where I follow student progress. I need to post their grades soon! It will be devastating if I cannot access the work they've been doing the entire grading period!

May 29, 2017



This is the direct link: https://schools.duolingo.com/
The link on the home page has been moved to the bottom of the home screen.

There you will also find the link to the Duolingo Help Center. Here you will find much information and links to Duolingo for schools:

Advice: Bookmark these links in your browser.


Thanks...the schools.duolingo did it. I was looking at duolingo.com.


Your welcome.
The link to "schools" on the home page of www.duolingo.com has been moved to the bottom of the home screen of www.duolingo.com.

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