"Er blieb in Indien."

Translation:He remained in India.

May 29, 2017

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What is the past tense for bleiben? I thought bleib is present tense.


It's "blieb", not "bleib" in past tense. Notice the "i" and "e" switch place.


So did I. The two "select the word" questions I have had so far in this exercise don't seem to follow the rules for forming the preterite - gab and bleib. Are these exceptions to a rule, or are there more rules to discover?


Is staying in India different to remaining in India? I'm not sure it is in English, at least for one meaning of stay. eg "Didn't your husband come back with you? No, he's staying in India". but it was marked wrong


What is the difference of blieben and wohnen?


Bleiben is used to indicate remaining in a place and this remaining can be temporary. Whereas wohnen means to actually live in a place. For instance, "Er blieb einen Tag in Spanien. Aber er wohnt in Berlin."


Why bleib rather than bliebt?


The conjugation in the Präteritum is the same for both ich and er/sie/es, with no ending „-t“ for the third person

P.S. Be careful with the vowels; it is „ie“ im Präteritum


Ich bin aus Indien.

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