duolingo seems to be having problems updating progress when you are strengthening a lesson learned

May 29, 2017


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same thing for me.

May 29, 2017

I noticed it too. I've done 4 lessons today (None that required strengthen). Redoing the lesson, Strengthening without and with a timer will only refresh a few words. My first time no word was refreshed. 4 Lesson, 13 words refreshed. I'm doing this on my computer too. I typically have at least 13 words refresh in a lesson.

Duolingo no longer tells you what skills you've strengthened in the website update. You could have strengthened a skill and Duolingo will never tell you.

Did you try strengthening skills and nothing happens?

I think it's just the new (and IMHO horrible) strengthening algorithms. :sigh:

I am having this issue too. It does seem to strengthen it, but takes time for it to be shown as strengthened on the tree. Strange, as I read somewhere that the new site was supposed to be faster.

yes, i do the update - review - and it does not register the update

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