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Release on Android?

When will the course be released on Android devices. They said about 1-2 weeks and I was wondering if anyone could make any clarifications on this.

May 29, 2017



I was wondering if anyone could make any clarifications on this.

Only staff could. As they didn't, you'll not find anyone with (reliable) information on that.

Update [30/05/2017 20:17 UTC]: See official announcement "Japanese for Android Rollout Starting Today!" made by staff few minutes ago.


The wait is horrible eh? I had been counting down the days until May 18th, and was so disappointed to find out it was only coming out on iOS. I hope the "1-2 weeks" is true, and it's out in the next few days...... if anyone knows anything please do post additional details!


What about it do you need clarification on?

Luis didn't use the word "about" but simply said "1-2 weeks":

And, a few days ago, Vivisaurus clarified that it's not "in a few weeks", and that "the schedule hasn't changed":

Luis announced the "1-2 weeks" on 2017-05-18 @ 18:50 UTC. So we have just under 69 hours to go before it actually starts taking longer than what was said...

(I don't really care about Android anyway, even though my phone is Android. Using Duolingo on the app is nowhere near as good as on the web browser on a computer. But hopefully once it's released on Android they'll make it easier to access it on the browser. That's all I'm interested in, rather than these silly apps. But it will be nice when the people who actually want it on the app can use it.) ^^


1) This is a very helpful answer for people.

2) クポ クポ [I think you know what this means]

3) How are you doing this on the web when it hasn't released on the web?

[deactivated user]

    As of now, the web browser is very glitchy and "non-functioning" to say the least, is it not?


    The browser version often repeats things over and over and over throughout a lesson because it's missing certain types of new exercises- I wouldn't call it useless even in this early state as long as you know what you're getting and are familiar with using Japanese input on your system.


    I saw a notification badge on my app icon that I hadn't seen prior and figured, hey, maybe they finally let us in, since, well, it's almost been two weeks! Or not.

    If you're coming from iOS and get the "Japanese isn't supported on mobile yet, try these things you don't want instead" message, you can glitch your way past it. The lessons work fine. I don't know what they're waiting for.


    How can you glitch past it?


    For some reason reddit seems downright irate about me sharing this, but hey, isn't breaking stuff how testing is supposed to work? I outlined the method here: https://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/6e95jt/workaround_for_accessing_the_course_on_android/

    edit: and yes, the more time I spent with it, the more I found that was missing. Was a little premature in my previous comment above!


    Eh... めんどくさい

    But interesting.

    If you share it over on /r/learnjapanese it might be better received. The old guard there pretty much universally hate Duolingo, but there's hundreds of readers who constantly upvote Duolingo related stuff.

    > can't imagine why the Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey scripts wouldn't work though.

    If you're referring to the Ninja Button script I made, it stopped working for me about five days ago. I think different users see different versions of the website, but with my current version the "inspect" method doesn't even work for me anymore unless I do "inspect" on the page for adding the course and modify the "notify me" button to be a "start course" button, which, again, めんどくさい.

    I'll just wait for them to release it properly.


    Oh, haha. That's actually the way I'm doing it. I thought I was special for thinking of doing it that way, but guess not! xD

    However, I can actually still inspect the "Learning" dropdown list and do it the old way too, just that now it only works when I am on certain pages such as the discussion forums or on that "add a new course" page.


    Well, I guess they really did keep to what they said about "1-2 weeks"... kind of. They announced this on the 14th day—less than 23 hours remaining.

    As it's going to roll out gradually for a week however, this means most people won't be able to get it for a few more days longer than what they implied... Not that I'm really bothered as I'm not intending to use it anyway.

    I wonder if anyone even has access to it yet though? I just installed the app and don't have access to it on either of my accounts or on new accounts. Guess I'm not one of the lucky ones, but I haven't seen any posts yet of people saying they have the course on their Android phones.

    I notice there hasn't been an update in the Google Play Store for Duolingo. Wonder if the course is even able to show up without the app first being updated?

    ** Update **
    Also it doesn't work on this account, even when doing the trick in the web browser for forcing it to switch to Japanese on the app. Just says the usual message on the Android app:

    "The language pair you are currently learning, Japanese from English, is not yet supported on mobile. Want to try learning another language while you wait?"

    ** Update 2 **
    Oh. Vivisaurus actually stated that the course won't appear until the update is installed. I should have read it a bit more thoroughly. ^^;

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