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  5. "Jeg ville ha vært glad."

"Jeg ville ha vært glad."

Translation:I would have been happy.

May 29, 2017



How would you say:"I would be happy"?


That's also an accepted translation :)


I wrote "jeg ville ha vært glad" and it marked me incorrect!! The only difference is a small j?


If you run into issues like this, where your answer is identical* to the suggested answer, please take a screenshot and report it here. The reason for reporting it there, and not directly to us contributors, is because it's a bug, and not a missing translation on our end.

*Capitalisation shouldn't matter, unless they've started a new A/B test regarding this.

NB: The screenshot is important, as without it there's no way of verifying that your answer didn't contain an overlooked typo, and so the report will likely be disregarded. Giving additional info about the platform you're on (phone OS, web browser) helps as well; the more details the programmers are presented with, the easier it is for them to pin down the problem.


I had already finished the lesson before I saw this reply unfortunately, but I will do this next time. It was on a windows tablet in a google chrome window.


No worries, now you'll know to save a screenshot of the next bug you come across (hopefully not too soon!).

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