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Timed practice: Button "Review lesson" is gone

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With the new website, it seems that the button "Review lesson" in timed practice is gone. But without the possibility to check the errors - and learn from them - timed practice is now useless. Like the quizz. Ok, the review was always buggy, but better as nothing. What a pitty.

May 29, 2017



It is gone from normal (untimed) strengthening too. It is frustrating. Not sure who tested this site as we are picking up on issues that should have been obvious before it was released to everyone. It's a shame that Duolingo staff have not posted a list of intentional changes and known bugs.


I made the same comment yesterday - is anybody from Duolingo going to comment on this loss of facility. Many of us really want this to be reinstated. Please can someone from Duolingo respond as to reasoning. It will then give us a chance to consider whether there is a different way of learning from our mistakes. Thank you.


This is my least favorite thing about the new update. The broken keyboard shortcuts are now fixed. I've seen a little bit of lagging like Zerr_ noticed recently, as well. I agree that Timed Practice is almost useless.

Like the [quiz]

I would disagree with this. Why would you say it's useless? I was frustrated the first time I bought it. It took a lot of lingots a lot of time, and it returned a meaningless number. But when I had the courage to buy it again, I realized how much better I had gotten and I was very glad that I had taken it. There are many users who miss the Progress Quiz from the new update.

Could you please provide a reason why a certain feature was useless.

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Sorry did not know that the quizz is also gone. But as you write: it returned a meaningless number. Tried once and never again.


Thank you for your explanation. I promise it will be rewarding if you do it a second time. You can see how you improved!

However, I can respect your opinion and I don't want to nag you. If you would not like to discuss the Progress Quiz, or if you would not like to argue about whether the Progress Quiz is useful or not, that is fine with me.


Review lesson was an extremely useful feature. It is a quite suprisingly bad idea that they removed it. Learning from your mistakes is one of the basic principals of education.


Yes - my Dad and I are both using Duolingo. HIS account has the new version but mine is still on the old, and we both agree that the new version is not as nice to use? Something he is finding is that the sliding between each question is giving him headaches. You should, at the very least, be able to turn this off.


It seems review lesson button is back, finally.

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