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Opportunity to study Classical Latin!!!

I've got to give my full attention right now to studying Latin. Since Duo has no Latin course, it will be "Au revoir, pour un longtemps." Best wishes to all here. Nice knowing you.

May 29, 2017



Hopefully Duo will get with it and realise that Latin is experiencing quite a renaissance. PLEASE offer a Latin course, Duo. Thanks for considering my request.


If you want to get them to listen, you can up vote the languages you want to see through this discussion.


But it wouldn't help you that much as, when it comes, it will almost certainly be modern latin.


What do you mean by 'modern' Latin? The current attempts to revive Latin as a spoken language, apart from the half-assed Latine Sine Flexione, use Classical grammar. There are neologisms, of course, but that's only to be expected.


If by "modern Latin" you mean unsealing the linguistic time capsule from 50 B.C.E. and inserting words for computer, car, bicycle, then I suppose you are correct as to the language variety, but I also suppose this would be of immense value in learning the language of that same 50 B.C.E.


Very well said, piguy3!!


Where/how are you studying?


I'm going to stay with relatives in France and study at the Université à Rouen en Haute-Normandie.


That sounds marvelous. Best of success with your studies, and have a great time in France.


A friend of mine earned a Masters in Greek and Latin from the University of Georgia (Athens), I think it took him 2 or 3 summers of intense study. However you decide to advance, good luck!


Merci beaucoup!!


I would love to learn Greek as well. Maybe somehow I'll find the time.

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