"How is it here?"

Translation:Inakuwaje hapa?

May 29, 2017



could you say "Habari gani hapa"?

May 29, 2017


That would be a rather loose translation. "What news here?"

June 27, 2017


Why not 'linakuwaje hapa'. We are not told to what 'it' refers, so why 'ina-' specifically.

October 4, 2018


The general "it" (as in "It is nice." "It is raining.") always is "i-"... If you say "linakuwaje hapa." you would assume (in Swahili) that there is an eliptical "jambo"/corresponding noun from class 5 in the beginning of the sentence. So "Lilikuwa hapa." would be "(That event I just told you about) it was/happened here." or "Linakuwa hapa." "The event is taking place here." (as in you just arrived...) and "Linakuwaje hapa." would not make any sense.

October 19, 2018
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