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"What do you study at university?"

Translation:Was studierst du?

May 29, 2017



Where did "at university" go? Is university-level study implied by "studieren"?


studieren = to study at university / to be a university student. It can also mean to carefully examine

Ich studiere Chinesisch = I study Chinese as a degree

Ich studiere. = I am a university student

Ich studiere die Zeitung = I am thoroughly reading the newspaper

If you want to use study in the non-university conext, use "lernen"


You will encounter many people that say Ich studiere but they do not study at a university, they study at a Fachhochschule. So I would not agree entirely with you.


True, “to pursue higher (tertiary) education” would be more exact ;)


My German relatives would ask me, "Was studierst du bei der Uni?"

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