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Has Duolingo helped you make money?

Over the years a few people have shared how they used Duo to get a raise or even land a job. I'm about to start some part time work at an ESL institute. The fact that I've dabbled in twenty or so languages got my resume noticed. I can thank Duolingo for that springboard.

It got me thinking. How many of you have used the skills you learned here to make money, directly or indirectly?

May 29, 2017



Yes, in a way... Duo keeps me from online shopping, so I get to keep more $$$ in my pocket.


This is probably the most compelling argument for Duo so far ;).


I think it's a very rare case that someone can learn enough on Duolingo for it to land them a job or a raise and I would discourage people from thinking that them as they are + Duolingo = them with a better job or raise.

But rather I think that Duolingo is a single tool that used among many other tools can help someone reach, improve, or maintain proficiency that can get them a job or a raise, or money.

I would expect to see a lot of people that benefited "indirectly" but I'd be skeptical of anyone who said that they got a job "directly" because of Duolingo. I would assume that either they are being deceitful or that their boss is extremely ignorant about languages and they were lucky to pull one over on them =)


I wasn't implying anyone can learn enough of a second language here to land a bilingual job. However, people have shared stories where Duo was the first step towards their eventual proficiency. A few people on the Esperanto forum shared that having Esperanto listed on their resume got them noticed or set them apart from the crowd.

I'm sure any benefits are mostly indirect, but for me, Duolingo directly helped me land a job. I'll be tutoring students in English and knowing the basics of the languages they're learning from helps me explain the material to them. I didn't pretend to be proficient in these languages and my employer has no illusions either.


Coming from UK, where other languages are hardly even heard of, I'd say it's unlikely that I'll earn more money because of Duolingo... but we never know... maybe when I'm fluent, I'll become a teacher or translator. However, it will hopefully get me something I've always wanted - a second language.


I can only dream for now....

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