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Anyone done the "Progress Quiz" yet for Japanese?

The item you buy for 25 lingots in the Lingot Store. I decided to try it this evening, to see if it actually works yet:

I'd never done a Progress Quiz on any courses before. I was surprised how it doesn't tell you when you have answered wrong.

I'm sure there were several questions I used kanji where only kana is currently accepted, or maybe used British English on an answer that only accepts American English.

Almost feels like it just pulls a random number out of a hat for the score at the end. Considering the stage the course is at and how picky it is with answers, I'm fairly happy with the 3.55 / 5.00 score I got (even if I do wonder if it's completely made up!). :P

I was wondering if anyone else had a go at it yet? ^^

(Also, to iOS users: is the Progress Quiz feature available on the iOS app?)

May 29, 2017



" I was surprised how it doesn't tell you when you have answered wrong." It isn't supposed to, it is a test, you get results at the end.


I guess that makes sense really. :D

It's just, when there are so many hurdles at the moment for typing answers the Japanese course will actually accept, it was a bit intimidating that I'd be answering questions for up to 20 minutes not knowing whether any of them were actually being accepted...

So I had to stick to answering mostly all in kana to try to improve my chances a bit. But then it's harder to spot typos in a wall of kana. I use a crazy kana input Japanese keyboard layout called "NICOLA thumbshift", where it's quite easy for me to not press the thumb keys in sync correctly and it outputting a different kana without me noticing... ^^;


Good work :-)

I would try it by myself, but sadly the web version was available only a few hours in my account, then it disapeared. I wonder why you still have the progress quiz. Are you still completely on the old version of the website, which still also has the review option and keybord shortcuts?

My website changed to the new one and there is no Japanese anymore.

On the iOS app I do have access to the Japanese from English tree, but the app changes to the old interface then, without Gems and Health bar. The progress quiz and the timed practice are not and were not available there, since I am using duolingo (about one year now)


I thought iOS users could get onto Japanese on the web browser easily? I guess it must have been changed around the same time something changed for me on the web browser.

It used to show Japanese in my drop down languages list on the bar at the top once I added it. But about a week ago it changed on my browser, so that now the only language which is shown in that list is the other course I started, Hebrew. Even only shows Hebrew while I'm on the Japanese tree home page.

Every time I log in now, I first have to start on Hebrew then make it switch to Japanese. On the Japanese course I can do any of the following without it kicking me out: skill lessons, test out, strengthen skills, progress test, lingot store, sentence discussion, and go on to the Discussion forum.

But, it kicks me back to the course selection page if I do any of the following: open a link in a new tab, view mine or anyone elses profile, click on "settings" or "help", click "Add a new course"... Whenever I do get myself kicked back to the course select page, I then have to switch back to Hebrew again to proceed, then make it switch back to Japanese again from there.

Yes, while I'm on the Japanese course I have the review option and keyboard shortcuts. Hovever, when I use other languages such as Hebrew some pages have switched to the new site. While I'm on the tree view "Home" page on Hebrew for example, the notifications pop-up in the centre of the page rather than the top-right. Also I can't switch directly to Japanese from that Home page either... I have to go to other pages on the Hebrew course that still use the old site code to be able to switch to the Japanese course. ^^;


I tried out to go to Hebrew, but I sadly still can´t access the Japanese from English tree on the website.

So I have to be wait, till this tree is available. In the meanwhile I try to keep my tree golden and hope, it will be soon.


Hebrew is simply the language I picked to be able to create the account, since I couldn't make an account without choosing one of the listed languages.

I've tried it on another accout with Spanish (which is a better choice as it's the first language in the list). It worked exactly the same on that too. I chose Hebrew just because it's one of the languages other than Japanese that I'm interested in maybe trying to learn someday. (0 XP on it so far though...)

Since you already have an account, you could just do the trick to switch to Japanese while on one of the languages you are already learning.

Try these simple steps:

  1. Switch to your Spanish course.
  2. Click "Discussion" (because for me this doesn't work on the "Home" page).
  3. On your "Learning" drop-down list, right-click the word "Spanish" and click "Inspect".
  4. In the code, three lines above the currently highlighted line, it should say this:
    li class="language-choice active" data-value="es"
  5. Double-click where it says es and replace it with ja, then press enter.
  6. Finally, on your "Learning" drop-down again, left-click Spanish.

You should now be on the Japanese from English course. I tried this 10 minutes ago by making a new account and choosing Spanish, and it still works perfectly fine. ^^


Thank you, it worked both through franch and russian. Bohumil


No problem. The course isn't really set up for web in the earlier lessons but it gets better in the later ones (as long as you have already learnt a little Japanese from elsewhere). Have fun testing it. ^^

Strange that this method doesn't seem to work for everyone though.


Thank you for your effort, but sadly this does not work for me. When I am at 6. it is still the Spanish tree. We shouldn´t try to cheat the website. Maybe you are one of the lucky guys who are in the testphase for the Japanese from English tree on the website and I am not (anymore).


Aww, that's a shame.

It would just be nice to get more people like yourself onto the web browser version, so that we can get more reports submitted for alternative acceptable answers. ^^

I actually normally use a different method to switch to the Japanese course. But that one would take more work to explain and probably still won't work for you if this one doesn't.

It's strange that I can make new accounts and it works every time for me though. If you were to make another account too, then surely it should be the same for you? (Unless they are giving different versions of the site to people in different countries or something...)

Maybe it might be because you are using the iOS app on your account—that it's interfering somehow with getting this working for you.

Oh well, from what I understand, the Japanese course is meant to release on the Android app somewhen within the next 43 hours. Maybe the whole situation could naturally change when that happens.


I tried another account, but it´s the same: I can´t access the web version of the Japanese from English course. Sadly.


* 2017-07-19 - Update *
Thought I'd try out the Progress Quiz again tonight, to see whether this feature is still working. Guess I should make the most of it while the course is still on the old site code. Did a little better this time~ ^^

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