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Looking for a cool new platform to supplement your German Duolingo?

I'm starting a Slack team called the Duolingo German Club, and I'd love for more people to join! The goal is to have a cool community of Duolingo German learners, as well as native speakers!

Slack is an awesome platform allows us to have multiple different channels, which gives us the chance to separate discussions. Currently there are channels for Help, Music, Native Speakers, Resources, Immersion (3 different levels), Vocabulary Game, Random, and we're looking to add more!

Not only do you have access to these public channels, you can also direct message others that are a part of the team. Look up Slack and see what a cool platform it is!

The Duolingo Slack Team is still in the process of being made, and we're currently just trying to add as many people as possible!

As we can't share info on Duolingo, if you're interested in joining, check out this link and fill out the form and I'll send you an invite to the team! Share it with whoever else might be interested as well!


May 29, 2017



I just signed up! I can't wait to learn!!!


Just sent your invite by email!


Oh god...my email isn't letting me login...do you have Facebook or Instagram so that I can get the invite? I am very sorry for the trouble


Oh no! Unfortunately it requires an email address to send the invite :(


Ok...I'll try to find a way to login my email...


Okay! Or maybe make another? Sorry about the trouble!


Sure! this sounds cool


I'm just curious to see what slack is so I registered.
Sounds interesting.


I've sent you an invite in your email!

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