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"Review" button has gone missing!!!

Since 27.05.2017, the "Review" button has been missing at the ends of the "Strengthen Skills" timed tests. Moreover, the tests seem somewhat easier, with the same sentences constantly repeating in the tests. I wonder if this is a built-in feature that kicks in once you reach a certain level.

Can anyone confirm the above? (I'm an English speaker learning German. I'm also using Chrome browser. Internet Explorer behaves the same way.)

For the timed tests, it is quite useful to be able to review one's performance after the test, since one is often unable to do so during the test itself. So it would be great if the Review button would return.

May 30, 2017



I think I have figured this out, although it doesn't feel like an improvement. In timed mode, when you answer incorrectly, hit the discuss button and the discussion opens in a new tab. You can check each new tab after the time runs out.


Thanks. That's a clever workaround! Albeit less convenient than the Review button.


I can confirm this too, which means it's a new change, not your reaching a certain point in the tree (these changes have also coincided with slight cosmetic changes to the desktop interface). There isn't a way to review words anymore either. And timed practices where you run out of time don't seem to make any difference to your strengthening one or more sections, as they used to. Time will tell whether these changes actually improve the learning process. But it has definitely made it tougher to strengthen skills.


Thanks for confirming. I hope that these changes were made by accident and that the administrators soon realise this and restore the feature as soon as possible.


Yay! The Review button is back! Many thanks to the Duolingo administrators. Moreover the normal operation of the timed sessions has been restored, as far as I can see. I feel the previous behaviour had made it too easy to score XP points too quickly.


yea, the review button has gone missing. In addition to that, I have noticed duolingo is having so e glitches too. its weird.


The new strengthening system is also really broken when doing timed practice, it seems. You have to finish the session in time or it doesn't count the strengthening AT ALL. I just practiced a pretty basic skill and got 17 right when I timed out on the final skill. And it tells me I still need to practice. When I do it's almost the exact same stuff.


Yes. I have noticed that too this week and I dont like the new timer. I prefer the old one when you press the blue button for review, will the option come back?

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