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DuoTweak and the new update of Duolingo

I haven't seen anything posted (but maybe that's because I can't sort search results by posting date), but I was just wondering if anyone from DuoTweak will be updating the code to work with the new Duolingo interface? That would be super cool.

p.s. maybe I'm the only one, but I've tried reinstalling DuoTweak to no avail, it doesn't run on my home page (although here in the Discussions it does run).

p.p.s. or am I stupid and need to do something myself to make DuoTweak run again?


May 30, 2017



Same, it works at the Discussion page. But not at the Home page.


Discussion forum is still the old Duo portal code - where you are going to be redirected. So it still works there until is completely replaced.
The same happens for the "DuoMoreLingots" user script.

The home / labs menu links are the new portal (with new Scala code), therefore AFAIK not any old user scripts besides

  • "DuoLingo tree enhancer" by Camilo
  • "Skill Strength Viewer" V0.2 (EN as source language only - see about the posted problem in the corresponding thread)

can work there, where both scripts thankfully already have been updated (for beta testing) for the new portal code.

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