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"Ananașii și cartofii sunt pe masă."

Translation:The pineapples and potatoes are on the table.

1 year ago



Hello, Cartofi = potatoes Cartofii = the potatoes Isn't it?

9 months ago


I am confused by the masa. The rules seem to say that there is an accent above the last a for the word itself but is not there for the word with the definite article. Which is right?

1 year ago

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That is correct. However, the rules of when to use a definite article are different than in English. As a rule of thumb, you should use the non-articulated version of the word whenever preceded by a preposition that is not "cu" (with).

1 year ago


so it is kind of "on table", right?

1 year ago


I think the right answer must be: the pineapples and the potatoes are on the table. The answer given doesn't sound very right to me, but since I'm not a native speaker... It could be that I'm wrong

4 months ago