"Ananașii și cartofii sunt pe masă."

Translation:The pineapples and the potatoes are on the table.

May 30, 2017

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Hello, Cartofi = potatoes Cartofii = the potatoes Isn't it?


Exactly and I am Romanian :) There was a mistake when building the sentence in Romanian and they should fix it (among many other mistakes in this Romanian class).


You are right!


I am confused by the masa. The rules seem to say that there is an accent above the last a for the word itself but is not there for the word with the definite article. Which is right?


That is correct. However, the rules of when to use a definite article are different than in English. As a rule of thumb, you should use the non-articulated version of the word whenever preceded by a preposition that is not "cu" (with).


so it is kind of "on table", right?


”potestasity”, can you please develop a bit the thumb rule you were talking about above? Can you give an example? Thank you


your rule is false, potestasity


"I am confused by the masa. The rules seem to say that there is an accent above the last a for the word itself but is not there for the word with the definite article. "

masă = table

masa = the table

Romanian orthography does not use accents or diacritics – these are secondary symbols added to letters (i.e. basic glyphs) to alter their pronunciation or to distinguish between words. There are, however, five special letters in the Romanian alphabet (associated with four different sounds) which are formed by modifying other Latin letters; strictly speaking these letters function as basic glyphs in their own right rather than letters with diacritical marks, but they are often referred to as the latter.

Ă ă — a with breve – for the sound /ə/

 ⠗ a with circumflex – for the sound /ɨ/

Î î — i with circumflex – for the sound /ɨ/

Ș ș — s with comma – for the sound /ʃ/

Ț ț — t with comma – for the sound /t͡s/


I think the right answer must be: the pineapples and the potatoes are on the table. The answer given doesn't sound very right to me, but since I'm not a native speaker... It could be that I'm wrong


You are not wrong at all :) And this comes from a native speaker, just so you know ;) This Romanian class has many mistakes that still need to be addressed. I was part of the Beta contributors and tried to help here and there but apparently they still have a long way to go which is why I am still doing the Romanian - to try and find the mistakes and report them, but whoever is on the other end is a bit slow in fixing them. With a little patience and effort from all of us I am sure things will get fixed sooner or later :)


”The pineapples and the potatoes” is accepted now but is not the preferred answer. Maybe the course authors are applying the English article distributively, ”the (pineapples and potatoes).”


It is possible. It is also possible that contributors of the course are not competent enough.


It should be "The pineapples and THE potatoes are on the table" and not "The pineapples and potatoes are on the table". If you used "The" for the pineapples you use "the" for potatoes as well, otherwise potatoes translates to cartofi and not to CARTOFII. Let's not make savings on the words so that people should properly learn Romanian. Doh! E grele cu Romana asta, dom'le :)

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