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What happened to my Spanish trophy? It seems to have disappeared.

May 30, 2017



Hi Okapio! Looking at your account, it looks like you just need to complete two lessons in the "Food" skill, then you should have your trophy back. You can tell because the skill says "2/4" meaning two out of four lessons are complete. I agree it is hard to tell though :(


It sounds like a new Spanish Tree update. Check through the skills and see which lessons no longer have a checkmark. Complete all the that lessons do not have a checkmark and when you've done that, the owl reappears.


I have to click on every single skill to check?


Just figured it out thanks for your help guys!


One day my Spanish trophy is there, and the next day it has disappeared. This has happened several times. Now I have to complete 27 skills to reclaim it! Help!

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