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can you translate this please?! will give reward!

so i am reading a manga and this boy speaks in german. goole trans. isnt cooperating so can someone translate it for me? it would be german practice! (someone translated but i am not shure it doesnt make sense in the context) "Sieh do!! Welch ein gluck!! sehr angenehm! ich freue mich, sie zu seheh! sehr hubsch." so can you translate? also just for fun if you can tell me which manga im reading i will give you lingots. (heres a big hint: its by natsuki takaya and the person who is talking is named momoji.) please and thank you!

May 30, 2017



My wife (who is German) said it was ''very bad German.'' SO, that means it was poorly translated. 'You there. What a luck. Very pleasant. I'm happy to see you. Very pretty,' is what it says.

I've only read and watched Dragon Ball Z and Bleach. But just to give it a guess (without looking it up on google) I'm going to guess is..Naruto? oh wait they are just ninjas, I doubt there would be any German characters there.

Good luck.


nope not right but tel ur wife i said thanks


Sure. Have fun with your Spanish lessons.


"Look, what a happy one, very pleasant, I am glad to see her, very pretty." That is what it says and Natsuki Takaya is the author I don't know the magna tho...


Fruits basket? :o I love this anime/manga! - I'm sorry I can't translate it T_T 'cause I don't speak german but yes if it was in italian,spanish or japanese :) .... Yeah Momiji is so cute! ^^


i know right you are the first person to guess AND your right! i have read all of them and am team kyo-kun


english grammar - its 'and YOU'RE right' not 'and your right'. Your is possesive _






I'm indecisive between Yuki and Kyo XD


i know it was hard to decide but i love kyo-kun best


what about you? which team?


See you !! How fortunate!! very pleasant! I am happy to see you! very pretty.

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