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Japanese spoken much too fast, especially for beginners

I've listened to many hours of recorded and actual Japanese discussion and from what I can tell, Duolingo has the computer-voice speaking much too fast for a beginner to be able to understand.

Please give at least an option to slow down the voice for easier listening.

May 30, 2017



I totally agree. The Japanese voice does not let a beginner guess anything. Have a very slow button; as well as the fast button. Please


I totally agree with hullballtoo. The breakneck speed of the speaking/reading is very discouraging. In learning music as in language, we need to start slow and speed up only when we have learned the notes or words.


Agreed. I am unable to repeat out loud because I can’t break senteneces into phrases. Not really learning after a point.


I have to say, definately not so for me. It's refreshing to have a resource that speaks properly instead of like a slowed down movie

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