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Health added to the phone app - TERRIBLE

Has anyone else noticed that they seem to have added this horrible tester feature to all users on the phone app now? I had it when I first started, and it was so awful that I created an entirely new account so that I could get rid of it. That worked for a few months. Now, it seems to be back. I can't get away from this horrible feature, and I don't know how to leave feedback directly with Duolingo to let them know how terrible this is and how counter-productive it is with regards to encouraging learning, which is what they are supposed to be about. If I have to use the website every time I want to take a quick lesson (which I had been doing when I had a few minutes to spare each day), then it just won't happen often. I am so sad and disappointed. I used to look forward to my daily lessons, but not anymore. In my opinion, they have RUINED the whole experience, and I feel that it makes them less credible as an educational tool because of it. :-(

May 30, 2017



I was kicked out of a lesson today because of health due to common small mistakes you SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE while learning. I don't need the added stress, and I don't see myself continuing to suffer this for long. If the same thing happens the next few days I'll just quit and look for an alternative. I've been a big Duolingo evangelist but I won't recommend it with this new change because it's an embarrassing money grab with freemium game mechanics and no relation to good learning. If you want money JUST ASK.


I had 118 lingots (still have on the web) and Duolingo converted my 118 lingots into 600 gems.

I was able to buy 11 streak freezes with those lingots (10 lingots/streak freeze) and now I can buy "1" (ONE) with my precious 600 gems.

That was a great trade(!) Thank you Duolingo. I never felt happier with any trade I made in my life so far(!)

I haven't tried the health thing yet but I kind of feel how it is when I read the comments. Nothing good lasts forever, ha?

Speaking of which, why clubs exist? What do they do? I never saw any positive side since it's released. Someone who knows its purpose; please enlighten me.


I've been a phone user on Duolingo and I have to say that clubs are really fun and challenging! Basically, it gives it's members daily challenges like composing a sentence using a word or ask you a question that you need to respond in the language you want to learn. There are also leaderboards which help me boost my competitiveness. Unfortunately, Duolingo has to take that away. Ever since the new update, the club option is no longer available (or is it just me having this problem?) which is a big turn-off for me. Duolingo has changed and it's disappointing, to be honest.


It stinks! They need to ditch it fast


Same here! They just added this on my phone today! It is terrible! I would honestly rather just pay 10 bucks and get it over with!


Me, too! I would be happy to pay for the course and just be done with it.


I do pay for my course - I'm on the subscription version (mainly because I travel for work and plane trips are my major blocks of free time). It makes no difference. You pay - you still run out of health mid lesson and can't continue. There is something seriously wrong with them if they think this is a good feature.


I wouldn't. I don't trust Duolingo any more; before the Health misery I would have happily paid a few euros to support it, but now I don't want to support such a punitive, nasty, spiteful system.


I agree with you 100% it is a rubbish idea and will cost Duolingo many users.


Having a number of lives that you refresh with gems bought with money is something that belongs on Candy Crush, not Duolingo


this is awful. I have changed my review form 5 stars to 1 on the app store. I suggest everyone else does the same until this horror goes away


Go to the app store and score Duo low with note about hating health.


I did that. I also deleted the app from my phone. Maybe they will take notice. I don't know. :-(


Well the bad news is they are converting additional accounts not just forcing it on new users. When it reaches my Android app I will drop Duo on both phone and web. I personally think they don't have as many users as their subscriber list suggests because they deliberately don't verify açcounts. There are lots of other language apps out there and I will be on some of them.


I disabled autoupdates on my apps, and I have android. I hope that'll work.


You could always use the android app, or the desktop. You should use the desktop anyway, it's not crappy like the mobile app.


Not only have I stopped using Duolingo; I went in (purely to give it a one-star rating on the App Store) and noticed that people who used to happily 'compete' and have multiple points in many languages are now sitting at 0 in the Club section; they have obviously abandoned the app - and maybe abandoned learning their languages.


It's devastating, indeed. The club I joined only has three or five people with XP's then the others have zero now! Usually everyone gets 20 XP's or less weekly. I feel so alone having the top always. I wish Duolingo never changed!


Agree. Won't use mobile app anymore. If Duolingo is monitoring - first you keep making changes without any notification or explanation. Can you help us understand. If you read the forums the mobile app is now dumbed down, costs and nobody likes the health. If you need income stream just say so and charge to use. Back dooring it frustrates and drives away loyal customers who sell the site to others. This is from someone who never comments, but recent changes are a train wreck and not helping learning. Thank you.


I first complained about this change 10 months ago. Came back to say that I went away and didn't look back. I'm now using an alternate language teaching system that I have to pay for, but I never had problems paying... I just don't like a system that doesn't allow me continuing my practice because I made errors (or paying for my mistakes), which is the opposite way it should work.


I’m holding on with duolingo. I got use to it. You can “practice” to earn health back. Curious, which one did you switch to?


The one with the famous stone in the name. It has its cons: I have to use it in my computer and it's flash-based, but the speech quality is great and it did wonders for my ability to understand the pronunciation. I also like that it doesn't use another language as backup... I first I thought it was kind of expensive but in the end it's cheaper than an actual teacher and if you're set on practicing systematically for a couple of months (instead of occasionally picking it up like a game) the price is OK.


I hate it too. I rated the iOS app a 1 star and deleted the app. I will continue to use duo on the web and droid as long as it doesnt have the health and gem system. It's a real pity


Yes, I agree. I tried to sign on to the website on my phone so that it could at least feel more like the app, but it won't let me sign on. It keeps taking me back to the sign on screen as though I never entered anything at all. I am so depressed by this change. :-(


My Duolingo was just switched over today on iOS from a free app to a freemium app. My 743 lingots were converted to 1200 gems (which converts to 6 streak freezes vs . Study time is rationed now.

I pay for a lot of apps. I've paid quite a lot for a number of study apps. I would pay for Duolingo. But I'm not going to use DuoLingo if it turns into Candy Crush. There needs to be a fixed fee or a fixed subscription charge, not a rationing system with a pay-to-continue scheme.

So I have deleted the app from my iPhone and iPad. I will keep using the website to keep learning and keep my 304-day streak alive until Duolingo ruins that too.


I started doing dual lingo for free and really liked it then I bought the app and now horrible. Horrible and I am no longer want to subscribe I paid for the app and I get the stupid glitch I need to pay more money really lingots healt to continue after I paid this app. And now trying to get out of it is ridiculous.


What operating system and app version do you use?


I don't know. I have an iPhone, so whatever is used for that, I suppose...


You are totally right, the only thing about the phone versions is that it has more available languages and clubs.

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