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What are you learning?

What languages/ language are you learning?

Why did you choose to learn that language?

Any special reasons?

May 30, 2017



I'm learning French, and thinking about starting Esperanto.

I've always wanted to learn French. When I was 10, I had my parents buy me a French for Dummies book (which, come to think of it, I should probably find...) but it was too dense and hard to understand at the time. Duolingo has made learning very easy for me, I wish I'd had something similar when I was young.

As for Esperanto, it's attractive because there's no irregular forms of words. People who've learned Esperanto have said it makes learning a different language easier because it introduces you to the mechanics of language in an extremely pure form (i.e. no odd forms of conjugation or special rules).


I'm learning four languages: French, Norwegian, Italian, and Swahili.
French, because it's a useful language to know in Canada -
Norwegian and Italian because of my family background,
And Swahili because I hope to help poorer countries (Swahili is spoken in Kenya, the sixth poorest country in Africa), and Swahili is spoken in many African countries.


swahili, my friend loves Swahili. When I am finished with Portuguese thats the language I want to learn. Great choice and so sweet. :)


thanks ; ) It's a really cool language. I like to say it's like a jigsaw puzzle - but when you fit a piece of grammar in place, it's really satisfying <3 <3


I have the hope of becoming a Polyglot, so my goal is to learn several languages, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc..


French, because I have family who live there.


I'm learning German because I used to live in Germany, but I forgot the language and this really bothers me. I also want to move back there.

I'm learning Russian because I like Russia and have always wanted to speak Russian and visit and stuff.

I'm not really working that hard on anything else right now.


It all started with Finnish, but I then quickly obtained an obsession for ALL the Nordic languages. Now I must learn not only Finnish, but also Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, and Faroese. They have such beautiful melodic sounds with their soothing intonation and ear-pleasing phonology. It's a shame that the Nordic languages aren't all that useful outside their native countries.

German, being the most widely spoken germanic language ( aside from English ). It had to go on my list of languages to learn. Maybe I might try out Dutch and Frisian later.

Slavic languages were also appealing, but considering how hard it is to learn Russian, I don't think I'll be attempting any other slavic languages soon. I'll have to get a good grasp of Russian first.

French because I need a romance language in my arsenal ( not to mention how widely it's spoken ).

Japanese, I think Japan itself is enough to explain why I'm learning this language.

Chinese, I like its bouncy sound, it's also the language with the most speakers on this planet.


I'm learning Spanish
like quite a few people on Duo are,
It's required in my school. I guess I'm sorta fond of now, considering i haven't deleted it because i'm not taking Spanish anymore.

I'm learning Vietnamese because of no real reason.
I was getting bored of Spanish one day, and decided to dabble in a few languages to see which ones i liked. I clicked on Vietnamese and i fell in love :) It's a hidden gem of Duolingo ^^
I definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about trying it!

I just recently decided to pick up Mandarin.
I love seeing the Hànzì, i like the sound of it, and i really like the music that I've come across.
Admittedly, it's mainly Lu Han. I used to want to learn Japanese, (I still do, it's just not as much of a priority as it used to be), but i realized that Mandarin was the one that i actually wanted to learn.
Now that I've been learning Vietnamese, and only recently managed to grasp the tones, Mandarin seems so much more approachable now. :)

Why are you learning Portuguese?


I am learning Portuguese because my cousins, aunt, and uncle just recently moved over there. I miss them a lot and I want to be able to talk with them and visit them.


That's awesome!


I am learning french.France is a beautiful country.It is also romantic and well civilized.I hope one day to find myself in Canada,where I can utilise my perfect english beside the french.Canada has a moderate policy toward expatriates.It is also a wide country with a limited population.That is a nice atmosphere to me.


I agree, Canada is fantastic.

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