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What did you do to continue your language learning after you completed the tree?

Curious as to what others did to continue their target language after they completed their tree(s)?

Edit: And what did you find to be effective or not.

May 31, 2017



I still have a checkpoint or two till I finish the Hebrew tree, but I'm already getting started on reading graded readers for the very young. Surprisingly, I'm doing pretty well. Once I get finished with Duo it'll be more of the same, I think. Consuming media like there is a shortage coming on.

Read books, listen to music, or watch TV/movies in your target language. If you live in a place where you can find native speakers, go try out your language skills on them.

Other than that, follow Instagram accounts in the language you are learning and translate what they say, or Youtube videos where the vloggers are speaking your new language (cars, makeup, knitting, the options are endless). Make some new facebook friends.

While I haven't technically finished my tree, I'm already getting started on all this and I can see where it's making a difference already. I don't get a lot of listening practice on Duolingo, or reading, and I'm seeing my recognition skills improving at a steady pace.


I like clozemaster, should probably use it more.


I watch youtube


Memrise helps you add more vocabulary, but doesn't really help put it together. Reviewing Duolingo does help but you need more to continue growing.

I read, although finding content at the right level when I first finished my tree took a bit. I searched "easy french stories" and eventually found what I wanted.

You Tube helps listening skills. You can search for content with subtitles.

There are tons of other language apps, many for a price. Beelinguapp has short stories in many languages at three different levels of difficulty, a fair amount of free content before you have to pay.


I bought a textbook and El Cronómetro and prepare to gain a B1 certification.


Some people use more advanced websites.


Such as? I've heard of memrise but idk if it has more content than Duolingo

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