"Kwa ajili ya"

Translation:On account of

May 31, 2017

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'Kwa ajili ya' pia yaweza maanisha 'because of'

Kwa Mfano: Nilikimbia kwa ajili ya mvua ( I ran because of the rain)

DL marked this wrong


Yeah, there's no appreciable difference between 'because of' and 'on account of' except that the latter is much more formal in most dialects (but it seems to be pretty normal in Southern US dialects).


More example translations in Glosbe:

kwa ajili ya

due to (adposition)

thanks to (adposition)

because of (adposition)

on account of, by reason of, for the purpose of

as a result of

From Glosbe: https://glosbe.com/sw/en/kwa%20ajili%20ya

Note: I hope to find other example sentences to add in the post. Sometimes I use only Wiktionary to find the information but I cannot still find it. Luckily, the work in Wiktionary for adding terminology is still in progress. :)


A number of the examples used by duolingo seem to imply that "in order to" would be a more correct translation.


I think yes, and more and more examples of translations can be suggested by users in many exercises. ;)


No, "in order to" would be "ili" - the direction is different (the opposite).


Does '''kwa maana ya'' mean the same as this?


"Meaning that" - it is more used in explaining an idea, concept or word. (to my knowledge; there might be more to it)

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